No Rules No Shame

May 18, 2009


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I found these while looking for a suitable replacement for the word “slaughter” when referring to hunting trophies and animal murders. Instead, I found a cache of lovely terms for unnecessary subjects (or are they?).

Killing of a giant -gianticide
Killing of a monster -monstricide
Killing putrid things -putricide
Destruction of books -tomecide
Destroying words -logocide, verbicide
Destruction of a culture -ethnocide
Destruction of ancient buildings/monuments -petracide
Destruction of life -biocide
Ruining a suitor’s chances -suitorcide
Ruining someone’s reputation -famicide
Killing the mind (brainwashing) -menticide
Killing facts (distorting the truth) -facticide
Killing a king -regicide
Killing a lord or master -hericide
Killing a philosopher -philosophicide
Killing a prophet or poet -vaticide
Killing a czar -czaricide
Killing a bishop -episcopicide
Killing an apprentice -prenticecide
Killing a Brahmin -Brahminicide, Brahmanicide
Killing a Spartacus member -Sparticide
Killing a modernist -modernicide
Killing a guest or host -hospiticide
Killing a favorite -nepoticide
Killing an enemy -hosticide
Killing a heretic -hereticide, heretocide
Killing a tyrant -tyrannicide
Killing of Christ -Christicide


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