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May 27, 2009

Chris Gilmour

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I wonder if he could build me a 1966 Volkswagen Mini Bus…my dream car! Safari windows, please!

I think I’d settle for a cardboard Rascal or Segway.

Check out more at his site :


Fernando Botero

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When I was much younger, I thought Botero’s work was pure fat fluff. Now, as I get older, I think it’s fluff with an attitude. At least now that I don’t take myself so seriously I can enjoy the humor in the paintings (I hope those are meant to be humorous… poor Mona).


Nick Dewar Illustration

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Some great, weird, funny illustrations from Nick Dewar. The work is cool, but the best part was reading through Nick’s FAQ. He also sells t-shirts and prints, and his music selection is pretty top-notch.


Emotion Eric

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I don’t know what happened to Emotion Eric, a website that was updated constantly years ago but hasn’t been touched since 2006 or so. My guess is that Eric found a great job at Google, where he can be found jumping on a trampoline, swimming in an Olympic sized pool, or being fanned and fed grapes by an army of young servants. Any of that, or he’s busy learning to play the cello. I kid. I was always fascinated with this early self-obsessed blog and his mediocre, but ultimately entertaining acting skills. For those of you unfamiliar with this site (healthy kids that were out playing sports at the time), Eric would illustrate a particular “emotion” by recreating a scenario for the camera. At first it started slow (happy, sad) but quickly moved to crazier and crazier situations often requested by readers (staring at your hands the way people do in movies when they’ve just killed their first person).

Enjoy more (especially the awesome suggestions sent it by readers) at:

Laurina Paperina

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It’s sad that Lissa can’t get a David Shrigley tattoo, because he’s so famous and has books at Urban Outfitters. I’m not hating on Urban. Where else can I purchase an entire outfit with deer on each piece? Probably enough deer shirts, skirts, socks, jewelry, and scarves to clothe a village in Somalia. Sadly, there won’t be enough money left over to feed anyone. In any case, Lissa should get a Laurina Paperina tattoo, because that would be funny. Not forever funny (so don’t actually do it), but funny for a little bit of time. Check out these drawings enlarged, because there are some great details. I like the one of Barry McGee killed by one of his own creations (she does that for a lot of artists).

See bunch more here:
and on website:

Plus, I just had to post this (just had to): Jackson Pollock:


Anna Gaskell

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Look, I know the whole teenage-girl-lolita-alice-in-wonderland-something-is-wrong theme is used ALL THE TIME by so many artists, filmmakers, writers, etc. I know this, but I also know that I’m drawn to a lot of the work. I can’t help it. I grew up reading really dark fairy tales. We didn’t have Disneyfied stories, so I got to read all about cannibalism, child stealing, attempted murder, and mean fairies. Now I’m into Anna Gaskell’s work, and it’s probably because it reminds me of some of those tales. Plus, the pictures are so pretty. How can you go wrong?

Buy her book:

This is a tattoo. This is also a tattoo

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For awhile I have been contemplating getting some contemporary art tattoos. Thinking this was an original enough idea, I thought perhaps I would pay homage to one of my favorite artists, David Shrigley. I figured the simple lines of his witty drawings would work nicely on my skin. Perhaps I could use a freckle or mole as an eyeball or something and work around it. It turns out I’m not original at all and there is a whole page of tattoo photographs on Shrigley’s site.

Here are some particularly nice ones:

Check out more at David Shrigley’s site :

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