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June 30, 2009

Right on top of it, Rose!

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Stills from one of the greatest movies ever made, “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”.

Buy it:

Nicole Eisenman

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These paintings are ridiculous and gross and funny.

You can see her work AND download her resume:

George Underwood

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Paintings, by George! (I dont’ know why I just wrote that, but I’m keeping it)


Elvis Tattoos

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Found on Google.

Jean-Luc Cornec

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An installation of sheep made from old telephones in Frankfurt. Goat, sheep, I’m on a farm roll.



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During an exciting dinner conversation tonight, a friend brought out her iPhone and started showing everyone photos of goats she stumbled across on the internet. She didn’t think they were all that attractive, but I was hooked. To support my opinion, one of these goats recently won the title of “Most Beautiful Goat” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. To be fair, Saudi Arabia’s not the best example of deeming something beautiful (don’t believe me? Read up on their human rights issues, those smug jerks), but the goats are co0l. They’re called Damascus or Damascene goats.

Goats found through Google image search (of course)
More photos:
Support Amnesty International:

June 29, 2009

Claire Clutterbuck

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Don’t these look like modern-day versions of old school royalty portraits? The dead animals and sporting outfits are really interesting, too, because they immediately bring to mind death. Creepy.

A few more:

Geraldo Pace, conceptual photographer

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That’s what he calls himself, I wouldn’t make that up. I saw these in a subway station in Montreal (also the basement of dorms for a University, I think), and they were so funny and kind of out of place, I felt for them.

More from Geraldo Pace:


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Yes, you heard me right. How disgusting/amazing are these? Right? No?


June 27, 2009

Saul Steinberg and Inge Morath

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Saul Steinberg was a cartoonist for The New Yorker, and Inge Morath was a photographer. When Morath asked to take a portrait of Steinberg, he showed up with a paper bag mask on his face. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says, and we all know Wikipedia doesn’t lie.

More Morath:
More Steinberg:

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