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June 4, 2009

Rob Gonsalves

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First and foremost, I think it would be right to apologise to Rob Gonsalves, because the upcoming sentences might not be as full of love and praise as he deserves. Also, shouldn’t you be painting glaciers turning into cuddly polar bears? Stop wasting your time Googling yourself. Okay, now that he’s busy, I need to explain myself a little bit. Yes, I went to art school (for, like, ever. literally.) I also have the tiniest bit of a sense of humor. Who knows how it snuck in there, or how it survived the hundreds of hours of painful critiques I had to sit through. This is why I’m often trying to make jokes. This is also why this website has made fun of Robert Smithson (rest in peace wherever you are). I think it’s also the reason I kind of enjoy these paintings by Rob Gonsalves. Don’t take me too seriously, though, because I used to think Thomas Kinkaid was a financial genius. I still would, except the store at the mall closed, and I forgot all about him. Sucks for those families living in his village that can’t afford another house and are stuck forever in a cottage. Shiver. Anyway, these paintings below are super crafty and extra saccharine, but I really love how earnest they are about their own cleverness. It also helped that my mom forced me to see a slide show someone made of his work, and she was ooooh-ing and aaaah-ing the whole time. It added to my amusement. That ice skating one is HILARIOUS.

I wish I could send the PowerPoint slideshow I was forced to sit through, but instead I can only find low res images:


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