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July 9, 2009

Lucinda Chua

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I’m mostly posting this for that weird photo of the guy with the cat. What is he going to do with that cat? It’s all so terribly ominous.


Hood ornaments

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One of my goals in life is to learn the art of automobile airbrushing. This stuff is gorgeous. And tacky. The tackier, the better. I can’t wait for the day when I can have my entire family history represented on the side of an Impala. Or better yet, an alligator fighting a bengal tiger. An albino bengal tiger.

Lisa Hanawalt

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I don’t have a problem. I can stop any time. Animal heads on human bodies? No big deal, I’ll be done with it tomorrow. If I want to. Any time. Well, not tomorrow, but the next day. I don’t need it. I don’t! Stop looking at me.
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Favorite Artists: Paula Rego

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In college, Paula Rego was one of my favorite painters (and everyone else’s… at least the girls. It was all Paula and Balthus for us, all the time). Later, I left her behind for a while to think about contemporary photography and one-liners, but I can’t deny the power of her oils and pastels. For all the eye-rolling and criticism we got in school about emulating these dark twisted environments featuring deformed girls, her work has power and oomph (that’s the¬†technical term for it). I really like the dog women and her etchings.

Many more (check out the ostrich women, too):

Stephen Shanabrook

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Of all places, I found this artist on Gawker. They used it in a very insensitive article, but it’s not Stephen’s fault. I found myself curious about this whole casting in chocolate idea, especially because I’m a big fan of attraction/repulsion art and his chocolate happens to be cast from wounds. He also created a chocolate replica of a post-explosion suicide bomber (okay, talk about insensitive). I’m definitely more curious about how much he had to pay the Moscow morgue to allow for all his on-cadaver mold making. Not much, I’m guessing. Oh, and the last photos are from his chocolate waterboarding series (can’t it just be chocolateboarding?).



Daniele Buetti

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This artist has been around for a while, but I wasn’t really acquainted with all of his work until recently. I thought it was always the obvious carving fashion logos into the portraits of models or writing out sad epithets into lightboxes. These quieter works are much more stunning, and leave more to the viewer to consider, as well. Oh, and they’re pin pricks into photos mounted on a lightbox. That’s why they glow.



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