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July 14, 2009

Sabine Pieper

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Some of the work is quite pretty.


Cynthia Grieg

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Cynthia was one of the runners-up for an Aperture Foundation portfolio prize a couple of years ago. If you ask me, though, just being mentioned is winning. This series is all photographs of objects that she painted white and outlined. That’s right. She paints them white, draws on dark outlines, puts them in front of a white background and photographs them. The result looks like simple still life drawings. I don’t know, there’s something sweet about them. They’re like a backwards trompe l’oeil.


More Etsy Beards

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If only life were a limitless supply of wooly beards. On Etsy, it is. Forever.

These were made by Emily Berezin, who goes by artbear on Etsy. I hope she keeps going further into gross beard territory. Seriously, if we’re honest, beards are creepy hair follicles, left over from the cave days but no longer useful for anything but scoring ladies. No need for cuteness.

Etsy shop:

Ed. note: Beards are also great for scoring beard-loving gentlemen. I especially love seeing matching facial hair on couples.

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