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July 16, 2009

Jeff Zenick

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I was searching through Ebay to see if people are buying artwork these days. Looks like it’s a male nude market out there! Somewhere out there, there are dozens of framed nude male bear drawings, delighting and exciting their owners. Where does one go to get a nude male bear drawing framed? I guess Michael’s is out of the question. Or is it? Anyway, I stumbled across these drawings by Jeff Zenick. I think they’re funny.

Buy them on Ebay:
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Zoe Strauss

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I’m a big fan, and so are most of the photographers and photo blogs out there on the internets. Plus, she’s way nicer than I am.


Taz Tattoo

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For Lissa (my co-writer on this blog and all-around top-notch lady), pictures of Tazmanian Devil tattoos. My favorite is the one of Taz riding a unicorn. That must be real. It has to be, for my happiness.

Found on Google, where all of my hopes and dreams live (and die).

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