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July 21, 2009

Brezhnev’s Eyebrows

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Behold the magic and the mystery that were Leonid Brezhnev’s upper facial follicles. It’s like two forehead moustaches!

Found through Google image search.

Simon Schubert

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I watched the new Harry Potter movie last night, and it was gorgeous. It wasn’t as complex as the book (and there was waaaay too much snogging… and not enough Neville), but the visual effects were staggering. On a similar note, today I found Simon Schubert’s work. I haven’t even seen any of his sculptures because all the blogs keep writing about his architectural paper folds (which are not very exciting if you ask me). I like his sculptures, though. They are like Charlie Ray sculptures mated with The Shining. It looks like the sculptures are the same from the front as they are from the back… so creepy!

Also, for your viewing and relaxing pleasure, this link will open in a new window! (Thanks, Dina Kelberman!)
Simon Schubert Website

Lamar Peterson

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Bright colors, ominous happenings. How can you lose?


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