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July 22, 2009

Under the Pines

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I really liked this video by Bodies of Water for their song “Under the Pines.” Mostly because of the dogs. And the lye next to the sugar. And the giant glass diamond. And the sleeping cap. You’ll see.


Mr. Bingo

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In what promises to make my day, I found these drawings by British illustrator Mr. Bingo. Doing more research, I discovered this on Wikipedia: “He describes himself as having a “slightly smaller than average” head and “girl’s arms,” plus “the same haircut as his mum.” He includes amongst his influences “[the] local ASDA supermarket, thick humans, fat humans, dogs who wear clothes, the British abroad, overheard conversations and juvenile graffiti”. His star sign is Aquarius.”
Obviously, I am in love. His Myspace profile says he’s married, but that’s not going to stop me. After all, England is only a few thousand miles away. I can swim.

By the way, the photo called “mrbingo6” is of the Mighty Boosh characters. I know. I know.

Mr. Bingo Website
Follow him on Twitter!
Interview with photos!

A ha A Capella

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So I’m watching this a capella video, and I’m thinking, if there are three Number elevens on this team, that’s going to make it very confusing when they play capture the flag against their rivals, the Boysenberg Wildcats. In other news, the main guy, who has a couple of issues with the high notes, looks like he forgot about the performance, jumped out of bed in his shorts and sandals, and flipflopped right on over to the pretend stage. Needless to say, I love him.

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