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July 23, 2009

Why/what, etc.

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Can someone please find out what this is, and who created it? I found it on Collectiva TV’s blog and there’s no explanation. Upon further investigation, I came across their flickr ( which did not explain anything. Why? Why do they do this to me? Lissa, you’re Mexican. You must know what this is all about. Taxidermied dog wearing a crown?


Everything’s better with butter

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I know there have been a few artists such as Matthew Barney and Janine Antoni who have used alternative, common household substances for their sculptures. There’s been petroleum jelly, lipstick, chocolate….but few have had the same impact, and controversy,  as the butter sculptures of the good ol’ American state fairs!

This year a Michael Jackson tribute in butter was rejected by the Iowa State Fair. Apparently fairgoers were outraged at the possibility of a King of Pop effigy made from their favorite medium. 100,000 votes were cast and MJ’s  inclusion was shot down in a 65% to 35% margin. Or should it be margarine?

Sweet and creamy butter sculptures:

Images found via Google Image Search


Well, well, well. Looks like our mystery “sit at home and take pictures as a variety of animals” artist has come to light! It was late into the night, and I was doing what I do best: searching the internet for cool stuff, when I came upon this. If I wasn’t made of ice, I’d probably tear up at how much I like it.

Gneborg Website

Yue Minjun

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I swear, there are like five of these guys in New York, because every time I glance through an Artforum at Barnes and Noble (it’s a recession. some things just had to go), I see something that looks like these paintings. Whatever, they’re still funny. I know, they’re sad too. When I was a freshman at art school, I went through a phase where I did a bunch of portraits with giant smiles, to represent the oppression and forced visions of happiness of the Soviet Union. I wish someone had taken me aside and told me five Asian dudes were already up on the theme. Anyway, enjoy! Just because they’re a sarcastic, cynical view of contemporary Chinese politics doesn’t take away from their ridiculousness. I like them.

Queens Museum Write up

Sebastian Brajkovic

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Gorgeous furniture from Sebastian Brajkovic. My mom is really into imitations of fancy furniture (think Versailles, but mahogany stained pine), so I identify with this stuff. Besides, I love things that have been distorted and manipulated. So, Sebastian, I can’t say your name, but I like you. A lot. Call me.

Sebastian Brajkovic Website

Myoung Ho Lee

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These are just really beautiful. I guess that’s okay sometimes.

Yossi Milo Gallery

Nina Levy

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I don’t know how much I like this work, but if I think of it as being HILARIOUS, it totally works. It doesn’t quite reach the uncanny feeling of a Ron Mueck or a Duane Hanson, but it’s still weird. I do remember one of her works being somewhere on the bottom floor of a Chelsea gallery, and it got me every time! I wish someone with all these mad realistic sculpture skills would go crazy and do giant sculptures of ridiculous things, like a huge toe hanging out in the middle of a park. It’s just a matter of time.

Nina Levy Website

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