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July 26, 2009

Kirsten Lepore

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Super cute animation called Sweet Dreams. My friend Andy was complaining that there isn’t any claymation happening these days, but I think this is close enough.

Also, this Guess Who animation is pretty great (because I love Guess Who):

More cute things on her website

Update: Just saw on her site that she went to MICA. Way to go, Fred Lazarus, populating the world one sweet (sorry) video at a time!

Springfield Punx

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Simpsons-style drawings of famous characters by Dean Fraser. He’s mostly into superheroes and super villains (nerd), but I prefer his drawings of more common-man (and woman) characters. I like the Arrested Development and Ghostbusters series, and he even has one of Rick Astley. Cute. I wish he’d be more ridiculous, though, and do drawings of, say, the family from Marriage… with Children, or all the suitcase holders/future Vegas dancers/models from Deal or No Deal.


Matt Stuart

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The best thing about Matt Stuart is his Google headline “Matt Stuart|Photographer|Shoots People.” Who ever said a photographer can’t also be homicidal? I think it could make a good graphic novel, or even better, a Showtime series. And these are funny photos. I enjoyed guessing which ones were set up (most of them) and which ones were lucky accidents (the boring ones).


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