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July 31, 2009

Trapped in a box with the Holy Spirit

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You know, the art of pantomime is really….it’s really….um….challenging? I mean that in both  intellectual and physical terms. But throw in the word (or I guess in this case the “lack” of word) of God and suddenly it’s challenging on an entirely different level. A spiritual level. What better way to proselytize than with gestures alone? If it weren’t for all that blabbering, I might actually be interested.

One group got it right. Now this is the kind of thing I could actually get in to! The power of K&K Mime is beyond that of a mere mortal. It’s the power  of God…or Jacques Tati. Is there a difference, really? Although I will say, I prefer my mime testimony to involve a couple of cream pies to the face, or a sweet derby hat & cane ala Chaplin.

Check out K&K not speaking in tongues, or at all for that matter:

Take a trip to their site for one of the greatest introductions of all times:

Special thanks to the incredible Daniel Corona for bringing this to our attention.


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  1. Did I ever tell you? I once went to a christian concert (for a cute boy of course) and some dude sitting behind me straight up grabbed my head and started speaking in tongues. I think he was trying to save me, and he did, from not having a funny comment to leave on this post. I’d also like to thank jesus.

    Comment by Dugaldo — August 3, 2009 @ 05:07

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