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August 31, 2009

Heroes: Paul McCarthy

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No, not the adorable yet overrated Beatle. That’s McCartney. This guy is totally different. This guy changed my life. FOREVER.

When I was first learning about Contemporary Art I was a skeptic for about 5 seconds. Then I saw Paul McCarthy’s work and nearly wet myself. It was disgust at first sight, and it made me love him wholeheartedly. I thought for a long time about whether I should devote a post to his work, considering that this site has so much to do with exposing new work that might be lost out there in the world wide web. I thought, McCarthy’s too famous. Everyone who loves the work we love already knows about him so what’s the point??? The point is, this site is about paying homage to what makes you love art so much you could never give it up. Ever.

For me, I find that I’m still infatuated with his work even after all these years. The grotesque mixed with comedy mixed with sadness and the sheer abjection of it all always make me feel comforted in some strange, messed up way.

Here’s an amazing clip from an older video, Painter:

My heart belongs to Paul.


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Found this while trolling through the internet. Shouldn’t I be sleeping, you ask? Yes, I should! Maybe you need to start minding your business. Sorry I snapped. I’m really tired. How ridiculous and hilarious is this photo? Who made it? Why can’t I speak German? I’m just going to go ahead and guess that “Haar” means “hair.” Oh, there are dictionaries online, you say? You’re right. And so am I. “Haar” means “hair”. And it looks like “gesicht” means “face”.  Awesome.



Ukraine’s Got Talent, too.

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I was surprised to find this winner of Ukraine’s version of the world-wide “Got Talent” competition. Whereas in the United States and Britain, the contestants are hefty opera singers with layman day jobs and children with adult aspirations, in Ukraine, the winner was a visual artist. Kseniya Simonova did an eight minute sand drawing depicting a romantic version of WWII German occupation of Ukraine, complete with bombings and lost lovers. At first, I was cold and skeptical, but Kseniya’s sweet haircut and the touching music got to me. Plus, props for the very patient audience.

Video compliments of my mother, who is on the top of every forwarded email.

ps. At the end, she writes “You are always here.”

August 29, 2009

Heroes: David Byrne

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How cool is David Byrne? Really cool.

I’ve seen him in concert and I’ve seen him on the street, in the movie theater and at a train station (apparently we run similar lives), and he’s always impeccably dressed, with a cool silver haircut, usually wearing all white, riding a white bike if he’s got it on him. Sometimes he’s so cool, it hurts.

Here he is singing “Once in a Lifetime.” From film “Stop Making Sense.”


Favorite Artists: Botticelli

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For some strange reason, I always feel like apologizing when I really like old art (pre 1990s). Forget it! Botticelli is awesome. First of all, his name means “little barrel.” I would like to think that he resembled one (he probably didn’t, I think his brother was nicknamed “barrel”, so the smaller version… you get it). His pagan paintings were super sultry, and according to fancy conspiracy theory, he was some kind of grand master in a secret religious cult. What more can you ask?
I’m a big fan of the portraits- they’re incredibly detailed because they were painted with egg tempera on wood, and egg tempera is painted with teeny tiny brushes.
Ok, and I’ve always had a crush on one of the boys he painted. You can check him out, he’s No. 4 (Botticelli4) in the gallery below.

Find him on the Artchive:

Shintaro Kago’s Abstraction

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Check out this comic called “Abstraction” by Japanese artist Shintaro Kago. A warning- the words have been translated. Does it matter? The comic itself is gorgeous, crazy and complex. Most of it’s not safe for work (or home if you have children, etc), but I did pick out the sweet ones to post.

See the whole thing (escandalo!) here:
Neofuturism (click to zoom)
or here:
Same Hat (in parts)
Oh, and I first saw this thanks to Mike Shea.

August 28, 2009

Hieronymus Bosch Figurines

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I’m so excited! I’ve caught glimpses of these on the internet. They’re for sale somewhere. Someone made collectible figurines from characters in Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights (1503-1504). I saw these paintings in the Prado. They’re amazing. It looks like most of the figurines are from the right panel, or Hell. I hope they make some from the middle, because that’s where some of my favorites are (naked guy with a blueberry for a head! man hugging owl suggestively! spiky human skin castle!).

You can see the huge Wiki Garden here (it looks great):
Check out the figurines:

Found here:

PS. My friend Molly gave me the little kick in the pants to write this, as I’ve been sitting on these for a while. Thanks Mol.

Jeremy Enecio

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Some nice (and solid) sketches from fellow MICA grad Jeremy Enecio. I was looking through his drawings when I discovered the connection. One of these days, MICA will take over the world, one bow tie at a time. I really like Jeremy’s sketches, particularly the portraits. To be fair, I’m biased. They make me think of early 20th century Northern European artists: Kathe Kollwitz, Edvard Munch, maybe even some Max Beckmann and Otto Dix.


August 25, 2009

Grizzly Bear: Knife

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In honor of Lissa’s birthday, I’m posting a Grizzly Bear video. I take no responsibility for the lyrics, I just like the rock man. Happy Birthday hermana!

Light Energy Studio

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Everyone loves neon, even if they’ll never admit it. If you don’t like neon, it’s like you don’t like magic. Who doesn’t like magic? Look at these incredible photos from the Light Energy Studio website. It’s like someone out there knew my love for neon sci-fi scenery AND my affection for cheap eurotrash models! I have to say I’m in crappy design heaven right now. I also have a hankering for glowing waterfall paintings. YES!

More super awesome fun:

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