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August 2, 2009

Anoush Abrar and Aimee Hoving

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I’m all about commercial photographers making art for themselves, especiall when that art includes photographing real dolls. Yes! Real dolls! For those of you not in the know, real dolls are very realistic imitations of ladies, created as companions for men. Creepy AND fascinating. There’s a whole BBC documentary on it (of course), and a cute movie called “Lars and the Real Girl” featuring Ryan Gosling, looking more attractive than ever wearing a moustache and an extra 20lbs… when I saw it, I wanted to clone him for myself, even if it meant waiting twenty years (ok, 16) for him to grow up. I’d want to clone him even if it meant the clone would be stupider than the original (like in Multiplicity, which was obviously a realistic portrayal of life). Creepy? Maybe. Speaking of creepy, I was also weirded out by the photos of Iranian Jews and some of the commercial photography Abrar and Hoving are making. Good thing I like being creeped out.


Lars and the Real Girl:

Anoush Abrar and Aimee Hoving

Disclaimer: I was joking about that whole waiting until he’s sixteen thing. I could wait until he was seventeen! Just kidding.


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  1. I’d probably only wait until my stupid version of Ryan Gosling was 16 too. Only I prefer the Jewish neo-nazi look he sported in The Believer.

    Comment by Dugaldo — August 3, 2009 @ 05:12

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