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August 24, 2009

Ghana Fantasy Coffins

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I got into a car accident today. It was mostly scary and stressful (before you get worried, I’m fine), and it’s pretty obvious the car will be considered totaled because it’s kind of old. To make me feel better, friends have suggested a variety of burials for the car (old school Viking boat-on-fire style, for example). I, however, have always been partial to the Ga tribe coffins. When someone in the tribe passes away, a coffin is designed specifically for him/her. That coffin takes about a month to make (thanks for the trivia, internet), and is in the shape of something the future resident loved or did throughout his/her life. For example, if the dearly beloved had a passion for Coca-Cola, the coffin could be a bottle. If he was a fisherman- a huge fish. A seamstress would have a sewing machine coffin (though a Tim-Gunn-shaped coffin would be genius). I’ve decided the best coffin for our Avalon would be a funny one- a Ford Taurus shaped coffin perhaps, or even a Nissan Altima. Poor car.  

Images found through Google image search.


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  1. absolute absurdity!
    Glad you’re ok.

    Comment by melody — August 28, 2009 @ 09:42

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