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October 13, 2009

Grandpa Wish List

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I was blessed with an amazing grandfather. He was like an awesome mix between Wolfman Jack, the bearded guy from Highway to Heaven, and pure coolness. Sadly, he passed on when I was just a kid, but I know in my heart we’d be best buds if he were still here. Since he’s been gone I have noticed a developed affection for older, super cool, often hairy guys that I wish would adopt me as their granddaughter…Hence, The Grandpa Wish List:
1.       John Baldessarri – A hero of mine. I knew I wanted him as my grandpa the moment I saw him singing  Sol Lewitt.

2.       Paul McCarthy – Another artist obsession. I imagine he’d make the best homemade Halloween costumes for his grandkids.

3.       John Waters – Gay Grandpa. He’d make sure I got those Cha Cha Heels for my birthday in addition to providing an endless supply of insults for the lame girls at school.

4.       Noam Chomsky – We’d watch late night talk shows together. I have a feeling he’d be a big Conan fan. Don’t ask why.

5.       Abe Vigoda – Creepy Grandpa. We would know he was harmless, even if everyone else found him terrifying.

6.       Mandy Patinkin – He was Indigo Montoya for crying out loud! And he’s provided us hours of entertainment with his seemingly strained yet learned expressions on Criminal Minds. It’s a good show…kind of.

7.       Ed Ruscha – Handsome Grandpa. Hip and handsome. With great hair. And talent. I love him.

8. Richard Serra – We’d go for walks..and throw molten steel at stuff together.




  1. For a second I was worried you didn’t have a Jewish pop-pop on the list, but I forgot about Patinkin. Whew.

    Comment by norulesnoshame — October 13, 2009 @ 12:38

  2. i definitely went to high school with noam chomsky’s real granddaughter. she was lame. cross him off your list.

    Comment by stefani — October 13, 2009 @ 19:45

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