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October 16, 2009

Objective Affection

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Some of my friends are now famous and are now running some kind of artist residency / art space called “Boffo” in luxurious Brooklyn, and even Lance Bass shows up to the opening (I didn’t see him, though. I was looking around, but how tall is he? Might have been below my periphery). Anyway, they had a huge glamorous art show called “Objective Affection” and the red cup dress from Project Runway was there. It was a busybusybusy time, and there were a hundred artists/designers in the show, and it was so ambitious and grand. There were also some hilarious pieces in the show. I don’t know who the artists are, but hopefully they’ll find themselves or otherwise get tagged.
Speaking of, who made those wonderfully atrocious ceramic concoctions? I couldn’t help loving them.
ps. OH! I forgot. Some of these are not for small (or large) children.

Boffo Site


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  1. milana! did you ever find out who made these be-wigged heads? i need to know!

    Comment by fanny luvvin — December 16, 2010 @ 00:00

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