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January 4, 2010

Is that wall…dare I say…ALIVE?!

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First off, I’d like to start this post with an apology. I hang my head in shame as it has been however many moons ago since my last entry. I think I was feeling as though all the great art had already been discovered by Milana, and everything I thought was cool, was actually really, really lame. Until now!

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Tara Donovan exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art – San Diego. Although it wasn’t all that surprising, it was still pretty beautiful. I mean, I already knew Tara Donovan did incredible things with mundane objects, so the perfect cubes of pins and toothpicks didn’t disappoint, but they weren’t exactly earth-shattering. I highly recommend the show for the “Wow, that’s made out of ________?!” factor, should you like that sort of thing. Plus, she’s a “Genius” so it’s always good to check out what the geniuses of our time are up to now and then.

Now for the best part. In one of the other wings of the museum, there was this couple staring magically at what appeared to be a blank wall. I, of course, scoffed at them for appearing to be gazing at nothing. How dare they look at blank walls as though they’re something special. Immediately after rolling my eyes, the guard at the museum directed my friend and I to look at the wall from a different angle. It was then that we could see the surface move up and down, like a belly breathing IN and OUT! It was incredible! This piece officially goes down as one of my all time favorite works of art, and it’s all thanks to Wendy Jacob.

This is the closest thing I can find to an image of the piece. Not much of a photograph, but amazing in person.

Check out some more of Wendy’s work here:


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