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June 11, 2010

Work of Art: Episode 1

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My pick for winner was Judith’s brilliant portrait of Jaclyn sarcastically called “Proud Pussy”. Genius!

Everyone’s buzzing about this show! Would you like me to put in my two cents? Okay, great! Let’s go.

I really enjoyed it! Surprise!
I know people were pretty down on it, saying that it spells the end of the respect for art we’ve all come to receive from the general public (no one cares!).
I mean, I don’t think the fashion world is shit just because there are crazy people on ProRay (I’m talking to you, Kenley. You and your traumatized cat.)
I think this show is good for the art community. I mean, I have students who can’t name more than two artists when they show up for class. This way, they will know Picasso, Leonardo, and Miles. Oh, Miles. So young and fragile.

Obviously there are fan favorites:
-super sweet Abdi, who is exactly like that in real life,
-painfully adorable Miles (who is also hilarious, and impressively built an entire screenprinting studio from toothpicks and dandelions),
-“I’ve never even seen a paintin’ before” Eric (who might not have taken any art classes, but has definitely seen all that DeviantArt has to offer, and who is also funny, and earnest. I liked the clown painting, and I liked it on an easel, and I liked the general “art is ridiculous” vibe that painting had),
-the big dude who flips burgers and takes pictures of women tied up with duct tape over their mouths (I call that the Palin wave of feminism, but I’m sure he just thinks ladies are delicate, beautiful flowers).
There are other artists in the show, too. The most important artist is Nao Bustamante, who I actually liked in the 1st episode. I know she’s sassy, but she’s also perceptive and interesting, and I totally understood her portrait of Miles (though, come on, lady, he’s so damn adorable, and you hide his little face where sad, lazy China Chow can’t find it?). I often side with the villains in these shows (even you, Kenley!), so for now, Nao and I are tight.

My favorite is Judith, who makes pictures of cats and calls them things like “Shy White Pussy”. She’s 62 years old! I love her. Judith visibly hates Jaclyn, who was a really nice, quiet girl in college… [REDACTED SO I DON’T GET SUED], and now she’s so hot, people can’t even believe she’s an artist! And in nepotism news, Nicole Nadeau is the niece of Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.

So what if the work’s not very good? (and is often just like famous art that’s already doing really well! Thanks, Jenny Saville, Elizabeth Peyton, etc.) We just want to see snark and great sound bites, and more of what Miles is doing, eating, and wearing.

The judges are really quite lackluster so far, with the sole exception of Jerry Saltz. I hope we see some of this famous bitchy sassiness (go, girl) later in the season.
I tried to find out who BillBobBrianStevePowers was (apparently he’s Mr. Cynthia Rowley and… owns a gallery? So does half of the graduating class from my grad school), and came up blank, so I’m going to say he’s a NASA scientist who accidentally walked onto the set of Work of Art, ended up at the food table, and stayed as a judge for the show.

You can watch the whole thing at Bravo or on Hulu!

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  1. I tried to watch it, but I found myself reaching for the old .22 a la The King. . . they say breaking the membrane on a flatscreen releases a hellstorm of pollution so I shot a lawyer instead.

    Comment by Cheeseburger Ojibway Dispeller of Mysteries — June 11, 2010 @ 23:50

    • But it was entertaining! To be fair, I’m easily amused.

      Comment by norulesnoshame — June 12, 2010 @ 00:23

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