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June 24, 2011

Nadine for Halloween

Filed under: halloween — norulesnoshame @ 14:23

It’s Twin Peaks time all the time now. I thought my Nadine for Halloween costume was a good one, and apparently, so did the rest of the world. Here are some photos! They’re from Google images and Flickr, and their owners have all rights to them.


I’m Google

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Dina Kelberman’s new blog I’m Google is beautiful, darkly funny, and mesmerizing.

Yowayowa Camera Woman

Filed under: asian artists, Photography — norulesnoshame @ 14:04

Nice photos from Natsumi. I’m a sucker for photographic “levitation”. See also THIS. Her website HERE. Thanks, Bonnie!

Charlotte Young Artist Statement

Filed under: funny art, Performance, Video — norulesnoshame @ 13:55

This lovely video has been circulating widely recently. Hilarious and true.

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