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November 12, 2010

Kelly Lasserre

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Really adorable illustrations and paintings by my old buddy Kelly. I just ran into her the other day and was reminded how great (i.e. cute, funny) her work is. Check out her blog and website! Also she doesn’t know I’m posting this so if she has Google Alerts for her name I’m going to feel really creepy.


November 8, 2010

Sean Morris

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Let’s go lowbrow surfing with Australian Sean Morris. Come on, bear coasters? Want. White trash mermaids? Makes sense. Beards? Oooooohhhh, yeeeaaaah.

October 31, 2010

Tim Enthoven

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Pretty great illustrations by Dutch Tim Enthoven.

August 21, 2010

Caroline Carlsmith

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Beautiful drawings by the beautiful Caroline Carlsmith. That first long line? That’s 100 drawings of Kimbo Slice. (Yes, I know!) Hilarious.

January 17, 2010

Colby Nichols

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Fun zine by Colby Nichols. Obviously I was drawn in by the beard (I usually am) but the rest proved to be entertaining, so I stayed (if only such feats were more common in real life).

October 24, 2009

Bradley Hamblin

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I went through some of the Baltimore open studios last weekend and most of the artwork was as sad and metaphorically wet as the weather. Am I being too hard on the artists who have large, beautifully lit studios they pay rent for, but seemingly do not use to full potential? Probably. I did, however, enjoy these little drawings/paintings by Bradley Hamblin, a member in the Load of Fun studios.

October 13, 2009

Grandpa Wish List

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I was blessed with an amazing grandfather. He was like an awesome mix between Wolfman Jack, the bearded guy from Highway to Heaven, and pure coolness. Sadly, he passed on when I was just a kid, but I know in my heart we’d be best buds if he were still here. Since he’s been gone I have noticed a developed affection for older, super cool, often hairy guys that I wish would adopt me as their granddaughter…Hence, The Grandpa Wish List:
1.       John Baldessarri – A hero of mine. I knew I wanted him as my grandpa the moment I saw him singing  Sol Lewitt.

2.       Paul McCarthy – Another artist obsession. I imagine he’d make the best homemade Halloween costumes for his grandkids.

3.       John Waters – Gay Grandpa. He’d make sure I got those Cha Cha Heels for my birthday in addition to providing an endless supply of insults for the lame girls at school.

4.       Noam Chomsky – We’d watch late night talk shows together. I have a feeling he’d be a big Conan fan. Don’t ask why.

5.       Abe Vigoda – Creepy Grandpa. We would know he was harmless, even if everyone else found him terrifying.

6.       Mandy Patinkin – He was Indigo Montoya for crying out loud! And he’s provided us hours of entertainment with his seemingly strained yet learned expressions on Criminal Minds. It’s a good show…kind of.

7.       Ed Ruscha – Handsome Grandpa. Hip and handsome. With great hair. And talent. I love him.

8. Richard Serra – We’d go for walks..and throw molten steel at stuff together.


October 11, 2009

Jasper Wong

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I got an email from a good friend recently that said, “This reminded me of you.” The “this” in question was a print of Mr. T’s head on a child’s body pissing rainbows. I guess there are worse things out there reminiscent of me. I could be getting emails with clouds, cute animals or pseudo-pin-up dresses that make people think of me. No thanks. I’ll take the neon madness.


Wongsite (get it?)

September 27, 2009

Laith McGregor

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I don’t know anything about this guy except that he draws with a plebeian blue pen and might be Australian. But since I’m on a beard kick, I thought it was appropriate. I love the little feet under the giant cocoon beards. BEARDS!

At Helen Gory Galerie
At Sullivan and Strumpf

Shrinky Dinks

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I went to a friend’s birthday party yesterday, and arrived just in time to create a shrinky dink.
I’ve never even heard of shrinky dinks, because I’m foreign, and we only had peach pits and old memories to play with. If you’re in my situation, shrinky dinks are drawings on pieces of plastic that get heated to shrink and harden in the oven.
Apparently they were huge when we were children, and are now just used by harried housemoms and fun-loving creative types (and in etsy shops). By the way, I love my DIY shrinky dink. I will wear it. Proudly.

Collection of shrinky dinks from the internet, and my very special shrinky beard (I’ve wanted a beard necklace for a while but was too cheap to buy one online):


Shrinky Dink Info
Dink DIY

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